Jenna Beulich, Director Kid's Town Montessori

Powerful implementation

In October 2018, a mutual business contact introduced Director Jenna Beulich of Kid's Town Montessori to Alicia Thomas-Woolf, who in turn presented the Powerful system. Jenna immediately saw the potential and wanted to implement Powerful into her school - but first she decided to see what her colleagues thought. The Vice Principal Minal Popat, and all the staff, became wholly involved (see videos below). One meeting with Alicia was all it took to receive their enthusiastic support.

During initial implementation, Jenna and the teachers noticed swift behavioural changes: “One little girl had been consistently bossy and controlling towards other children. She and her brother, who was also turning his insecurity into daily fighting with other kids, are from a divided family. We have been helping them with tools to aid the dynamics. When the children experienced Powerful at aftercare, the little girl’s behaviour changed towards other children, becoming kinder and more co-operative. Her brother’s behaviour did a complete turnabout too.”

Since then, the school has implemented ongoing Powerful projects, readings and activities into the syllabus and classrooms. There is visibly less fighting and more kindness. Children tell their teachers whether or not they are feeling Powerful, and their explanations guide their teachers in helping each child with what they need at that time. The kids are excited with Powerful too, loving the song and explaining carefully to anyone who will listen how they make themselves feel powerful.

The principal also decided to hang the Powerful clock in the entrance, to remind the children entering every day that they are powerful. The kids love that too!

watch:implementation of Powerful, activities and reactions