Together, We are creating a world with powerful children




“I really believe in your work. It’s amazing, needed work.”  Sepelile Kaseke, Head of Programmes SOS Children’s Villages

"Your Powerful anti-bullying system is ground breaking. It puts the kids in their power. I believe it will be massive, a world wide phenomenon."                                                                                                                 Tanya Sachs, Image Consultant

“I really admire how the book embodies fundamental human experiences, yet manages to transform the complex emotions into such a simple and functional learning tool–that is super fun too!”
Jogini Packery, Counselling Psychologist

“I love the fact that you have allowed the space for individualizations for the characters to match the bullies that they are dealing with. I also love the fact that you are empowering the siblings to be “super power” for their younger siblings…continue the most needed and meaningful work that you are doing.”                                                     Suzanne Kellner-Zinck Certified Trainer of NLP, with a B.A. in Elementary Education with Moderate Special Needs

"A few days after Alicia introduced her Powerful book and song into our class, I saw a boy on the playground place his feelings into his hand, roll them into a ball and throw them away. It's the ultimate prize for a teacher to see the children using the lessons they have learned."                                                                                               Carla Lynn MacDonald, Occupational Therapist and Pre-Primary Teacher