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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”                                       Margaret Mead


Who helped create the first edition of powerful

Every so often, you may have asked yourself: "What can I, an individual, do to help?" We are told that one person can change the world (or at least our part of it). Here's how.

“How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.” Anne Frank

sponsor aN EVENT! 

"Compassion is the radicalism of our time." the Dalai Lama

Create a Powerful party (at home, at a community get together, in a park, after school, or anywhere else suitable).

Invite your child's classmates, their friends, your nephews and nieces (and any available parents). 

Read, sing and dance Powerful with the children, with great enthusiasm!

Use this event to propel you into creating a Powerful home.

Share this website with other parents, and explain how they too can make a positive difference within their community.

Let the magic begin!


sponsor a classroom!

"Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher, can change the world."               Malala Yousafzai

Option one:

Speak to your child's teacher. Introduce them to this website. Ask if the teacher would be willing to read, sing and dance Powerful with her class. If your teacher is enthusiastic, gift them with a Powerful book (R200.00 excluding postage). Let the magic begin!

Option two:

Offer the school library a copy of this book. Introduce the librarian to this website. Ask if they would be willing to read, sing and dance Powerful during story time. If not, ask if they could ensure that each child had a chance to take it home. Ask also that they introduce fellow staff members to the book and this website. If they agree, gift them with a Powerful book (R200.00 excluding postage).

Let the magic begin!

BREAKING NEWS: The first Powerful sponsor, Jenna Beulich, tells her story:

"I decided to donate Powerful to my son's class as my son recently started to display bullying behaviour. I thought this would help him understand the importance of respecting others and taking care of those around him."

Jenna hoped that when his teacher (who herself was excited by the book and system when Jenna introduced it to her) enacted Powerful with the whole class, something would change.

Jenna recalled that after his teacher read the book to the class, he came home and said "Mommy, do you know what you do with bad feelings? You scrunch them up and throw them away!"

Jenna then read Powerful to her son a few times afterwards and had many conversations about the unacceptable behaviour with him, only to realise that he was being bullied himself.

"Powerful helped with that too, by giving him more confidence."

She adds: "Since then, Powerful has been a main point of discussion and we have seen a singular difference in our home - he speaks nicely to his little sister and he feels far less frustration. With Powerful, we've nipped the behaviour in the bud at school and at home and we are very grateful."

sponsor a school or institution!

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."                 Nelson Mandela

Chat with the principal of your child's school. Introduce them to this website and Powerful. If the principal is enthusiastic, offer to book and bring Alicia Thomas-Woolf to speak to the principal, teachers, board and/or parents regarding introducing Powerful into the school for younger and older students. If you are not in Johannesburg, sponsoring a school means covering:

* transportation costs outside Johannesburg (and, if necessary, accommodation.)

*A copy of Powerful for every classroom (R200.00 excluding postage).

If the principal then wishes to include Powerful into their syllabus, certification can be discussed.

Let the magic begin!


"In a gentle way, you can shake the world."  Mahatma Gandhi

Corporates proud of their social responsibility programmes, NGOs looking for new tools and Government education departments looking to strengthen the students in their schools (beside sponsoring an event, classroom, school or teaching English) can also sponsor a new language addition of Powerful to support the different languages the children may speak! If board is enthusiastic, offer to book and bring Alicia Thomas-Woolf to speak to the relevant people regarding publishing a new language edition of Powerful

The sponsorship covers: 

* transportation costs outside Johannesburg (and, if necessary, accommodation.) Then;

* current costs of translation for book

*current costs of publishing, printing and postage

*current costs of translation of song (including lyrics, a singer, recording and other music publishing costs)

If the thought of making such a change thrills you, contact Alicia Thomas-Woolf

Let the magic begin!


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