Maria Constantinides has worked with some of the best filmmakers in the world and observed how they make films whilst working on their projects. While in South Africa, she also created corporate and local TV content. Now based in the UK, Maria focuses on film clearances, which satisfies the detective inside her. She says, "The whole process of making a film, whether long or short, is fascinating to me."



(Laughing): "Alicia hijacked me at a family breakfast one morning. She heard 'film' and the next thing I knew I was embraced by Powerful. The story, the presentation of Alicia's book, the message of Powerful and Alicia's caring personality had me at the elevator pitch. As I am a filmmaker familiar with Amy Cuddy's power poses, and own a Wonder Woman statue and handbag, I wanted to be involved and become part of Alicia's world. Making this video was a real pleasure and when I feel a little off-colour, I do the power pose, do the NLP actions and sing the song to myself. It works!

maria's sos/powerful documentary