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Enjoy it with your kids and remember to do what the characters do - sing and dance the special moves with wild enthusiasm! Click on the VIDEO Below to start.

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Welcome to the kit-yourself-out Powerful page!

Some products you can also buy directly from online suppliers, such as Amazon (e-books and print); Takealot (for print books which contain the Powerful CD); CDbaby and iTunes (for the song); and Audible & other platforms (for the audio books and read-alongs).

Other products need to go through ada enup (the publisher of Powerful) to be purchased, such as T-shirts, clocks, posters,  and any unique purchase you wish to order, such as Powerful stamps or stickers. The e-mail address is info@adaenup.co.za 

You can also, in South Africa, go along to a brick and mortar shop such as Exclusive Books or Bargain Books and buy books there. They order from the distributor, Intersoft, if their copies are sold out.

Free products are available to download as well, to help you at home and in the classroom.

Happy shopping, and may these products help inspire the kids in your life to be POWERFUL!

 powerful song!


powerful clock!

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A Good  Night's Sleep book

By Lana Jacobson. This Taboo Topic book is the first in the Powerful collection! Also printed with Open Dyslexic.
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A Good  Night's Sleep  audio book



A Good   Night's Sleep clock!

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T-SHIRTS, POSTERS, BANNERS  Stamps & stickers

Prices depend on order.
Enjoy this fun activity in class or as a home craft! Colouring this clock in introduces fine motor skills (using pens, pencils, or even pairs of scissors), as well as colour learning, numbers and the concept of time. You can make clocks with manual hands or clocks with mechanisms that actually work, depending on what you can source and the age of the child. It's also a great way to remind them that they are uniquely powerful!


Here are all the verses of the Powerful song!
Play the guitar? Here's the score sheet to max the fun!

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